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Web Email Extractor Pro

Web Email Extractor Pro

$ 49.95

This unique tool can extract email ids from internet in bulk. It uses the URLs provided by the user to extract mail addresses from websites. You can also give Keywords related to your search and get email ids form internet. It makes the search over several search engines like Google, Yahoo and brings you the latest data. The data extracted can be saved for use in future.

Web Email Extractor is an ingenious tool that can extract email addresses from internet in bulk. It functions on the URLs given by the user. Users can get email ids from thousands of URLs at one time. Even if user has a list of URLs saved in an Excel or Word file then he can dump that file to fetch email addresses.

This internet email extractor can also extract email ids through Keywords. For e.g. if users don’t have URLs then in that case they can give keywords relevant to their search and get email ids.

It seeks for the email addresses over numerous search engines like Google, Yahoo, ASK, Bing etc. to get. To get the latest result user can also ‘Update’ the search engines.

This email harvester has the most amazing features in it that gives exactly what user needs.

It automatically removes all the duplicate ids and provides only the original ones on the screen. This saves a lot of time of the user. The email ids that are extracted can be saved either in .CSV format or in .TXT format. There is also a unique feature called ‘Filter’. With the help of this Filter user can get email ids only that are important for him. And last but not the least the tool also has choice where user can command it to dig information up to a certain point not beyond that.

These extraordinary characteristics of this innovative tool place it at the first position in the list of best email extractors. It is a state of art tool that reduces the workload of getting email ids from Internet.

  • Extracts Email IDs with the help of Keywords or URLs in bulk from numerous search engines.
  • Extracts Email IDs from search engines Google, ASK, Yahoo, etc.
  • User can update the search engine so that he gets the latest data.
  • The list of extracted Email IDs can be saved either in .CSV format or in .TXT format.
  • It has ‘filter’ which removes inadequate data from the list of IDs extracted.
  • The tool saves a lot of time & effort of the user.
  • It is the best email extractor in the field with a feasible rate.
  • UI with Muliti Language Support
  • Optimized for Windows 10.
  • Get free Update from update option.
  • Stability Issues Bug Fixed.
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