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Outlook Mobile and Phone Number Extractor

Outlook Mobile and Phone Number Extractor

$ 49.95

It is an expert in harvesting phone numbers, cell phone numbers and fax numbers from Outlook. It has the talent to extract phone numbers from .PST files (MS Outlook) and .DBX files (Outlook Express). You can dump as many files as you want and fetch numbers from them. The duplicate numbers are discarded by the tool and the filter choice helps in getting numbers of your choice.

As the name suggests this tool has been designed & developed to extract phone numbers from files of outlook. The tool can process both .PST files and .DBX files of MS Outlook & Outlook Express. Users can extract phone numbers from folders of outlook like Inbox, Outbox, sent, deleted, etc. It has the ability to harvest cell phone numbers from bulk of .PST or .DBX files.

This fax number extractor from outlook has been furnished with the latest features in it. It has choice to save the phone numbers extracted from the files of outlook. User can either save it in .CSV format (for excel) or in .TXT format (for Notepad). With its speed and accuracy the tool saves ample amount of time & effort of the user. It is the best phone number extractor from files of outlook and outlook express.

  • The tool Outlook Mobile & Phone Number Extractor can extract phone, mobile & fax numbers from files of Outlook.
  • It supports extraction from both .PST files & .DBX files of Outlook.
  • The tool can extract phone numbers individually from folders like inbox, outbox, sent, deleted, etc. User can select these folders one by one or all of them at one go.
  • The extracted list of phone numbers can be saved either in .CSV format or in .TXT format.
  • User can choose to extract phone numbers from .PST or .DBX according to their need.
  • The handling part of this tool is very easy and can be handled by a normal smoothly in his daily work.
  • The tool is very fast & accurate in the task thus saving a lot of time & effort of the user.
  • It is the best phone numbers extractor from outlook files.
  • Optimized for Windows 10.
  • Get free Update from update option.
  • Stability Issues Bug Fixed.
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