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Software Localization (To reach global audience)

If your organization is facing the challenges of expanding your global market, requiring professional project management of your translation and localization projects, consider Technocom. For localization of software, training materials, web sites, or documentation. Localization is part of the translation process. From start to finish, the TechnoCom employs processes and methodologies that enable us to deliver world-class applications designed for the global market.

The focus of each translation and localization project is to produce a final product that appears to have been designed in the target language from the onset. Our localization methodology has been created to ensure unparalleled quality by selecting translations professionals in the target market.

The lesson is : If you want to reach a global audience, then you should be prepared to address markets in the language that they understand.

Multilingual Websites (To reach global audience)

It is extreme importance to speak the language of your customers. We help you remove all barriers, including those of language. The Internet today has helped bridge the gaps between the furthest points on the globe to that they now seem a stone's throw away,it is essential to speak many languages in order to make the WORLD your customer. brisbane voice over artist , web page background ,language translator,english to spanish translator,online latin translator, An example to authenticate this point would be, Bacardi Rum: the company concocted a fruity drink with a name "Pavian" to suggest French chic. The drink didn't go very well in Germany, where "Pavian" means "Baboon". brisbane voice over artist , web page background, language translator, english to spanish translator,online latin translator, From business card translation, marketing communications documentation to software manual, resource, and help files, we can successfully facilitate your multilingual communication needs.

During the translation phase, we develop a project glossary as necessary and use it throughout the translation process to maintain consistency and accuracy. Also, by utilizing Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools, that store original and translated sentences into memory for later reference, we assure maximum consistency and efficiency while saving time and resources.

In the review phase, a skilled and specialized editor checks a second time for terminology, consistency, presentation, style, omission, and overall linguistic accuracy. We have access to a vast number of industry-specific dictionaries and glossaries along with internally developed glossaries that we use to shape standard languages to specific industry requirements. This phase is essential because it corrects and refines the translation to specific company needs. No matter how superior your product is, communicating with linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity is essential to your success. african language brisbane voice over artist , web page background,language translator,english to spanish translator,online latin translator,

After the translation process, multilingual publishing is done through various programs such as QuarkXPress, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Ventura Publisher, Interleaf, Office, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Linguistic QA is also performed after the initial layout to ensure the closest match to the original is made. Upon client's approval, various final deliverables are prepared, including PDF, EPS, film negatives, bromides and then delivered to the client. Also we provide, one-stop translation layout and EPS generation service for your business card translation.

Customized Softwares and VBA Addins

TechnoCom Solutions is a fast growing Software Company. We provide comprehensive IT solutions. Technocom Solutions deals in Customized Software Development, Implementation support, Quality Assurance, hi-tech multimedia designing solutions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We offer cutting-edge IT solutions across a range of industry and technology segments to Enterprises.

Excel is used almost in every office and home because its a powerful spreadsheet application but Excel also has hidden power which can be used through Macros and Addins. Technocom apart from its Prebuilt Usefull Excel Addins also provides Customized Excel Addins & Macros Solutions for Excel to enhance the work capabilities of MS Excel. We can develop Excel Addins as per your requirements which can help to automate your daily tasks in Excel. You will be surely able to save loads of time and Money. Our Addins are Safe and Secure and works well with all version of MS Excel.

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