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Bulk SMS Sender (Ten Phone Support)

Bulk SMS Sender (Ten Phone Support)

$ 119.95

It is a tool that assists in sending messages to large number of people. It works at a tremendous speed and finishes the job accurately. You can connect up to 10 cell phones in one go and can use them in sending messages. Users can send personalized messages to particular person or group and can even save the content of the message to use it again in future.

SMS sender is an innovative tool designed to make the work of sending messages easy and effortless. With the help of this tool users can send messages to various recipients in one click. It has the most ingenious features rigged in it that give ample amount of options of sending messages to the user. Either user can send message to all or personalized messages to some chosen contacts. The features equipped in it make the tool very swift and effective in its job. Users can send messages to all the contacts saved in their phone.

SMS sender tool is very easy to operate and can be used widely to send messages daily. It automatically recognizes the phone connected and brings out the contact saved on the screen. Then you have to write the matter of the message that you want to send and then just click on Send SMS command to complete the work. It has choices given in it where you can either send messages to some selected people or to all the contacts saved. If you have saved numbers in an excel sheet then you can bring that too. Even the matter of the message sent can be saved for any use in future. There is a log file available in the tool that continuously tells the user about the messages sent successfully and failed messages.

The SMS sender has a lot of features in which many of them are not present in any other tool of this field. It is indeed the best SMS sender in the market.

Limitation: user can send only 60 Character in demo version.
IMPORTANT NOTE: PC Suite is required for the Mobile Nokia, Samsung, etc.

  • SMS sender tool can send messages to thousands of recipients in one click.
  • Messages can be sent to some selected contacts or to all the contacts saved in the phone connected.
  • Up to 10 phones can be connected in the tool and messages can be sent to all the contacts in all the 10 phones.
  • The tool also has feature through which user can send personalized messages to some selected contacts.
  • The matter of the message can be saved for any future use too.
  • It even provides a log table that gives report of the messages delivered and failed.
  • The tool does not require any Internet to work but it works on the message pack or balance of your cell phones.
  • The tool functions with amazing speed & accuracy and saves ample amount of time & effort of the user.
  • It is the best message sending tool in the market at a really affordable price.
  • Optimized for Windows 8.
  • Get free Update from update option.
  • Stability Issues Bug Fixed.
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