• Advance Bulk Mailer

    Advance Bulk Mailer

    It is a fast Bulk Mailer Software developed to help send Bulk Email to large number of email IDs in a single operation. Send email directly to inbox not in spam. ...read more

  • Get 10% Discount

    Great Savings

    Make your Payment Through Avangate and Get 10% Discount on every Product. Use the given Coupon Code Below. TECHS10%OFF

  • Advance Find and Replace

    Advance Word Find & Replace

    It is an useful tool to FIND and REPLACE multiple words & Phrases in multiple MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 doc/docx/rtf files, you can also format backcolor , forecolor , bold , italic , underline and strikethrough , Double Strikethrough....read more

  • Excel Fast Utilities

    Excel Fast Utilities

    Excel Fast Utilities tool is designed to remove duplicates & spaces from excel files. Users can even merge workbook and sheets of excel and also split them. The tool is competent enough to process thousands of excel files in whichever format they are ...read more

  • Web Email Extractor

    Web Email Extractor

    It is the fastest tool to extract email addresses from internet through most popular search engines such as (Bing, Google, Askcom, etc). Also extracts email addresses from a list of websites/URLs. ...read more

We are a well established software developing company that evolves tools to make your Office work easy & smooth. These tools quench every desire and demand of the consumer in every aspect. Our success today is totally because of our satisfied clients accross the globe.

featuredFeatured Products

  • files email extractor
    Extract email ids in bulk from various files.
  • Phone Number Web Extractor
    Extract phone numbers in ample amount from internet.
  • Web Email Extractor
    Extracts Email IDs with the help of Keywords or URLs.
  • Advance Word Find & Replace
    Find & Replace 1000's of words within seconds in Word files.
  • Email Extractor Outlook N Express
    Get email ids from files of MS Outlook and Outlook express.
  • Bulk SMS Sender (Single Phone Support)
    Send messages to a large number of people in seconds.
  • Web Data Scraper
    Web data scraper extracts data from websites.
  • Parivartak
    Fastest unicode converter can converts 100's of pages.
  • Files Phone Number Extractor
    Extract phone numbers from files of any format.
  • Doc to All Converter
    Convert word files into formats like HTML, TXT, PDF, XML, etc.
  • Bulk SMS Sender (Two Phone Support)
    Send messages to large number of people or recipients.
  • Advance Bulk Mailer
    Advance Bulk Mailer can send mails to a lot of recipients.
  • Batch Files Printing
    Batch Files Printing can print files in bulk within seconds.
  • Website Email Extractor
    Extract email ids from websites in bulk with the help of URLs.
  • Outlook Mobile and Phone Number Extractor
    Extract phone, mobile & fax numbers from files of Outlook.
  • Mangal to Kruti Converter
    Converts Unicode Mangal (Arial Unicode MS) to Kruti dev.
  • Excel Search and Replace
    Find & replace multiple words in multiple Ms Excel Files.
  • Kruti to Mangal Converter
    Convert Kruti dev font into Mangal font within seconds.
  • Batch Word Find and Replace
    Find & Replace words with Wildcard utility in all Word files.
  • Excel Data Cleaner
    Remove Leading, Trailing & extra spaces from excel sheet.
  • Excel to All Converter
    Convert thousands of excel files into other excel extensions.
  • Batch Word Power Tool
    Remove all the tedious data from Word files.
  • Word To Image Converter
    It can convert word files into image files.
  • Bulk SMS Sender (4Phone Support)
    Send personalized messages to a selected person or group.
  • PowerPoint to All Converter
    Convert PowerPoint files into the extensions of PowerPoint.
  • Bulk SMS Sender (10Phone Support)
    It can Send Flash as well as Standard SMS.
  • Excel Fast Utilities
    Excel Fast Utilities can remove tedious data from excel sheets.
  • Excel Duplicate Manager
    Remove all type of duplicate data from excel sheet.

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